Limelight is a group of artists doing art projections. We create different kinds of light installations on public spaces using high power projectors. Sometimes it’s an outdoor exhibition of lightpaintings another time a 3D projection mapping on a building’s facade or an event decoration but there is something that always remains. Creations are especially planned and designed for that specific occasion and as well the facade or the public space that we redesign by projecting on it is always remains a very important part of our creation. At the end of day we try to have an art projection which is monumental, colorful, precisely mapped artwork what reconsiders the public space and gives an unforgettable experience for all visitors.

The video above is the official video of our current 3D projection mapping creation named "Stars" on Skyway International Light Festival in Torun Poland. A more than five minutes long vision about the festival's theme connected with the history of Torun was visible on the facade of Collegium Maximum from 21th till 25th of August every night. Come and enjoy the show! More informations about this project are under the CREATIONS menu.

And the other video below is a short summary of our projection mappings created in 2010. Large scale projections, video mapping shows and architectural projections are creations that gave us the opportunity to produce an unforgettable experience for our visitors. Thank you for all the support we got from you we'll try to keep on creating interesting new facades and new visions of light. We are invited to some great light festivals this year and already working on some very exciting buildings in different locations all over the globe.